Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fat Opie are out there getting that FAT inta ya Rayyyddeeeiiiioooo!

I do not ofen write about our acts but in recent times one of our alternative acts "Fat Opie" have been gaining more and more radio air time in the US, Canada and UK. The band were song of the day last Mondahy on FM 102 in San Francisco. The band and are on high rotation for " Said + Done " - Great work lads. The band are now being played on over 100 + stations including some of these ones.

KCCQ Des Moines, IA
KFTE Lafayette, LA
KNXX Baton Rouge, LA
KRUA Anchorage, AK
KRXP Colorado Springs, CO
KSPC Claremont, CA
KXNA Fayetteville, AR
NV Reno
WARQ Columbia, SC
WBRU Providence, RI
WBTZ Burlington, VT
WCYY Portland, ME
WKRL Syracuse, NY
WKRL Sarasota, FL
WRRV Newburgh, NY
WSWI Evasnsville, IN
WTZR Johnson City, TN
WUPX Marquette, MI
WUTK Knoxxville, TN
WVBU Lewisburg, PA
WVIC Jackson, MI
WVUA Tuscaloosa, AL
WWCD Grove City, OH
WWCT Peoria, IL
WWWX Appleton, WI
WXDX Pittsburgh, PA
WXEG Beaver Creek, OH
WXNR Greenville
WXSR Quincy, FL
WYBB Charleston, SC
WYIR Baugh City, IN
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